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Welcome, Scientists!

You've found Ruby's Corner, a place for scientists, engineers, and adventurers to take on new missions and showcase their work. Check out the mission prompts below and submit your work to Katie (email found here) for a chance to be featured!


Apply to a Mars Mission!

What would your answers be to the application form for the Destined for Mars program? This form can be found at the beginning of The Countdown Conspiracy or can be downloaded here:

Design a Mission Patch!

Space missions often come along with cool, unique mission patches. What should the mission patch for the Destined for Mars program look like? Downloaded this activity here:

Help Save the World!

In The Seismic Seven, Bri must make a video asking for help to save the world. While in real life we thankfully don't need to stop a supervolcano, there are a lot of ways our world does need help. Create a video or design a poster about an issue important to you!


Make Your Own Ruby!

Would you like a mini mechbot friend to buzz and skitter about your desk? I know I do! While she might not be able to do all of Ruby's tricks, you can find instructions on how to build your own tiny bot here:

Straw Rockets!

Try your hand at rocket science and be an engineer like Miranda from The Countdown Conspiracy! Make your own rocket with simple, at home materials.

Volcano Experiments!

Why do volcanoes explode? The secret is in the gas! Fans of The Seismic Seven, try out these at-home explorations of pressure and reactions to create your own messy volcanic fun. Three experiments included!

More for Educators

Additional ideas from educators who have used The Countdown Conspiracy in the classroom:

  • Cardboard Challenge! Create a spaceplane, mechbot, or EMU out of cardboard and simple home items. Try working on schoolwork from inside your spaceplane!

  • Program your own Moon or Mars rover via Scratch. Click here to learn more about this activity from NASA's JPL team.

  • Launch a rocket! Construct a water rocket out of a 2 liter bottle and totally wow your students with a wildly fun engineering experience. Click here to learn more about this activity.

Still looking for more engagement? Book Katie Slivensky for a virtual classroom visit!

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