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School Visits     

For over a decade I have professionally visited classrooms and communities as a science ambassador and enthusiastic outreach presenter. Now in my exciting new role as a children's author, I would love to visit your class, either virtually or in-person!

I offer a variety of visit options to fit school needs. Please contact me for a PDF catalog of my offerings, including information on pricing and curriculum connections. Discounts are available for schools with economic need. At the bottom of this page, you can find brief summaries of my current presentations and workshops.

Katie Slivensky is amazingly knowledgeable about just about everything, and a true joy to have as a guest speaker! When speaking to my class, she answered their questions in depth, and seemed to have an answer for every question, teaching us about all the scientific discoveries and theories to date, from the expansion of the universe to black holes! Yet she explained in a way that made all the information so comprehensible that, although my students are English Language Learners, they were understanding and asking follow-up questions- enthralled by the information. The only question asked after meeting Ms. Slivensky was, “Can she come talk to us again?”


-Kate Moore, ESL 5th Grade Teacher

 Somerset School, North Plainfield

Print: A Bookstore - In Conversation with Anna Crowley Redding



Join me and Anna Crowley Redding (GOOGLE IT! A HISTORY OF GOOGLE; ELON MUSK: A MISSION TO SAVE THE WORLD) in a conversation about how sci-fi inspires science innovation--and how science innovation inspires sci-fi!

Print: A Bookstore
273 Congress St.

Portland, ME

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I really liked the presentation that Katie Slivensky did. She was engaging and was really opened up to the audience. She talked to us like a normal conversation. She was telling us how publishing a book was done, and what she liked. It was really exciting and fun the whole time. I’m reading the book, and she matches my sci-fi interest. I can’t stop turning pages. She is an amazing author and super awesome! She even did a few experiments and taught us about force and motion. She is unbelievable! 


- Olivia, 5th grade, Michigan

It was wonderful having Katie join us at Kinawa School in Okemos, MI. She immediately had the students enthralled and engaged in the presentation. Teachers loved that she shared a great science demonstration with student volunteers and tied it all back to writing and following your passions. Anyone would be lucky to have Katie come to their school.


- Cyndi Webster, Teacher Librarian

Okemos Public Schools, Michigan

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School Visit Options     

Virtual visits via Skype or Google:

  • 20 minute sessions

    • Q&A about writing and/or STEM topics of choice!

    • FREE!

  • 50 minute sessions

    • How does my training as a scientist help me to write books? A behind-the-scenes look at how I develop ideas and what I'm working on next.

    • Extended Q&A session!

In-Person visits:

  • Author Presentation: The Science of Writing

    • How the basic principles behind physics and engineering can be applied to writing stories!

    • Recommended for grades 3-8

    • 50 minutes in length

    • Can run as a classroom/library presentation or as a full auditorium-style presentation

    • Includes a behind-the-scenes look at my career background and what I'm working on next, as well as a Q&A session.

  • Writing Workshop: Creating Characters

    • Students will create their own cast of characters to star in an action-packed story!

    • 1-hour in length

    • Fun and fresh writing exercises

    • Appropriate for grades 3-6

  • Writing Workshop: Story Generation

    • Students will delve into where stories come from and learn how to start their own.

    • 1-hour in length

    • Thought-provoking writing exercises

    • Appropriate for grades 6-12

  • Signings

    • All in-person visits include a signing session upon request.

    • Recommendation: Contact your local bookstore to place book orders in advance.


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