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SCIENCE: Discovering the facts of the universe through observations and experiments.

Hey, you! If you clicked on this page, you already have the most important trait of a scientist—curiosity! That's awesome! Here are some of my favorite online resources around to help you continue your science journey.


My pick for SVOTW: June 9th, 2024 helps you to identify trees from a distance when you're out and about this summer!


Want to apply for a Mars journey? Build your own miniature Ruby? Click on Ruby to be taken to Ruby's Corner, where you can try out STEAM activities based on Katie Slivensky's books!


Skype a Scientist

Get matched with a scientist to chat with at your home or school!

Museum of Science At Home

An ever-growing collection of super engaging STEM activities and videos.

TestTube Games

Nerd out to your heart's content with physics fun and games.

American Museum of Natural History: Ology

All kinds of science lessons, games, and facts!

Science with Sophie

Who says science can't also make for great comedy?


It's never to early to start your astronaut training!

Wild Time Learning

Outdoor ecology activities for a breath of fresh air.

National Geographic: Kids

Facilitating scientific discovery for the next generation.

The Science Playground

A collection of great science games from across the internet.

California Academy of Sciences

Try out these fun at home science activities!

Women in Engineering and Technology

Read more about awesome women in STEM, submitted by site user Charlotte!

SciShow Kids

A YouTube channel exploring all kinds of STEM questions!


Do you want to help protect wolves? Here are three wonderful wolf sanctuaries to donate to or volunteer with:

Heads up to young women and nonbinary folks looking to get into STEM! Site user Kelly found a fantastic resource: an entire webpage dedicated to scholarships that support Women in STEM, and Nonbinary folks in STEM, too! Check it out HERE!

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