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Hello and welcome!


My name's Katie. I'm an educator and author, enthusiastically encouraging others get to know science a little better. Thanks for stopping by! Check out my books here and my virtual offerings here. And please, explore around! I'm always updating this place, because just like science, I'm constantly learning new things.


January, 2023
Due to some publishing delays, my upcoming non-fiction book, SMALLER: The Search for Subatomic Particles, and my first picture book, THIS WOLF WAS DIFFERENT,
will both launch in 2024, rather than 2023. I will post updates on exact dates when I have them! Thank you to my readers for your patience!

February, 2022
A new book deal has been announced! In Fall, 2023, I'll be publishing my first picture book with illustrator Hannah Salyer and Beach Lane Books. THIS WOLF WAS DIFFERENT follows the journey of a young  prehistoric wolf as she leaves behind her pack and finds a human child.

September, 2021
We welcomed a new baby to our family! I will be taking a few months off for maternity leave.

March, 2021
A new book deal has been announced! In Spring, 2023, I'll be debuting my first non-fiction novel for kids with Algonquin Young Readers. SMALLER: The Search for Subatomic Particles will take readers on the bizarre journey of the history of particle physics.

January, 2021
New Virtual Visits are now available! Check them out here!

November, 2020

Hey, curious kids and educators alike! Looking for activities? Discussion guides? STEAM projects? Check out RUBY'S CORNER. Now open and ready for scientists!

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